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Living Cheer’s Top Tips for Tryouts!

3rd December 2015

Have you found a cheerleading squad that you want to join? Then give yourself the best chance of securing a spot on the team with Living Cheer’s Top Tips for Tryouts!:


Before choosing a team to tryout for you might want to do some research around the team, making sure that you can fit in with their training programme, and understand the costs involved in purchasing a cheerleader costume and taking part in competitions. Most teams have a new starter and try out pack that you can download via their website, which usually contains this information.

It is also important to know what is required of you on the day in terms of cheer, dance and tumbling skills. So be sure to check this out in advance.


Cheerleading is a physically demanding sport so look after your body and it will look after you.

We all know that as cheerleaders, in order to keep up with the demands of training and conditioning, you need to be eating a well-balanced diet that’s rich in nutrients.

On try-out day in particular you need to keep energy levels and stamina up to ensure your best performance. Try having a breakfast full of slow release carbohydrates such as porridge, or if it is evening time, a fulfilling lunch including pasta and protein. And of course, plenty of water.


Living Cheer’s Top Tips for Tryouts

To become a great cheerleader, your energy levels need to be matched by physical strength, agility, stamina and balance. As a general rule take regular exercise to tone and strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility and keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

Once you know the date of your try out, leading up to the day you should be working on your fitness and strength. You don’t want to be the one out of breath at the end of the routine!


Living Cheer’s Top Tips for Tryouts

So you have found your team, and taken care of the basics, you now need to find out what’s expected of you on the day.

Do you need to prepare your own choreography for a solo piece?  Or will you be taught something on the day and need to perform that back?

You will find that some teams post their try out choreography on their website or social media so that you can learn it before the day, so find out in advance.

Try outs can be daunting but the cheer community is a welcoming and supportive one so join an online forum such as UK Cheer and speak to cheerleaders, coaches and club representatives for some free, friendly, advice.


Living Cheer’s Top Tips for Tryouts

Delivering a polished tryout performance requires a lot of practice so if you have a prepared piece keep building your routine and going through it until it’s perfect.

If you need some help to master the tumbles, jumps or cheer motions that are required for your tryout routine, you might find joining a local gymnastics, dance or cheer class beneficial.

Once you have the choreography nailed, it’s time to work on your performance. If you want to be chosen over those other great cheerleaders, you need get yourself noticed. Try performing in front of friends or family that can give you some constructive criticism and helpful advice on how to improve. You need to know what you can work on to be the best!

Look the part

Living Cheer’s Top Tips for Tryouts

Cheerleading uniforms, campwear and trainers will help you look the part when cheerleading but more importantly, they’re designed to fit and support your body so you can perform your very best in any kind of cheer style or activity. You need to be comfortable and smartly presented for your try out as one day you could be representing this team in a competition.

So tie up your hair, take off any jewellery and if you wear make-up, keep it light and fresh. If there is no guidance what to wear, then maybe best to go for a pair of cheer trainers and comfortable shorts and T-Shirt, like the Soffe range.


Living Cheer’s Top Tips for Tryouts

If you follow all of these tips you’ll be ready to stride into any tryout venue with confidence, so smile! Relax, be yourself, make eye contact with the judges and listen carefully to any instructions they give you, then just have fun and show off your cheer spirit – you can do this!

We’ve worked with cheerleading squads of all style and ability across the UK for years so feel free to contact the friendly team here at Living Cheer if you need any help or advice when choosing your cheerwear.

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