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All you need to know about UK Cheerleading

29th June 2015

Welcome to our brand new website!

Dedicated to all things cheerleading costume and accessories based, we hope you enjoy finding your way around, and we thought for our first post on it, it was most fitting to discuss exactly why we’re here - and tell you all you need to know about UK cheerleading.

So the following is aimed at providing a guide of the world of cheerleading in this country - and also taking a look at some of the UK’s biggest cheerleading stars!


A growing worldwide sport

Although commonly associated mostly with being an American activity, the popularity of cheerleading has been steadily growing worldwide - with a prominent scene in the UK. There are an estimated 100,000 cheerleading participants outside the USA, with interest always increasing in the UK.

Cheerleading explained

The sport is based around athletics and gymnastics and involves the performance of skilled jumps, dance, tumbling movements and stunts, that may, or may not, be accompanied by cheering or yelling to elicit a response from spectators of an event. This could be a sports event the team are involved in, or a cheerleading competition.


A sport that can be enjoyed by everyone

Men are just as much a feature of cheerleading groups as females, and are particularly involved in acrobatic lifts of other participants. Anyone can get involved in cheerleading in the UK, and children as young as three can take part, although most participants are usually in their teens. The activity demands quick footwork, strength, flexibility and good teamwork skills. It is a sport that is great fun - but that is a skill that requires much practice and dedication.


Different types of cheer squads

Many cheerleaders specialise in one or multiple cheer squads at different events throughout the year. For instance, there is street cheer, acro and tumbling cheer, cheer dance, pom dance and sideline cheer.

Cheerleading can also be differentiated by performer and gender, with single sex groups, school teams, co-ed or mixed gender groups, or all-star, non-school competitive teams. Many of these teams compete against each other at regional or national level.

Hurray! Cheerleading in Schools

Department of Education reports have suggested that cheerleading is now being offered in 37% of UK schools as an extracurricular physical education activity.

The organisations and governing bodies

The organisations that host cheerleading competitions in the UK include ICC, Future Cheer, UKCA, BCA and Scotcheer. SportcheerGB is the governing body promoting cheerleading in the UK.


The UK’s Big Stars

One of the most successful cheerleading teams in the UK is the Ascension Eagles, which hails from East London. With a squad of 130 children, young women and men from the ages of 3 to 24, the Ascension Eagles has won over 400 trophies and are British reigning champions for the seventeenth consecutive year. They are setting their sights now on competing and winning against the best team in the world, the Miami-based Top Gun squad.

The Crimson Heat Tigers Cheer team is also one of the best competing teams in the UK, having won many titles and also the Cheerleaders of America (COA) National title in Florida. The Reading based team was also the official cheerleader for the London Olympic Games.

Other top teams in the UK include Aviator Allstars F22 Raptors, Aviator Allstars F35 Lightning and Unity Black.

So, there it is - everything you need to know about the sport, so we bet that’s inspired you to grab your cheerleading pom poms, and get cheering! Take a look around our site and check out our extensive range of cheerleading products.

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