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6 Life Lessons Cheerleading Will Teach You

15th February 2017

We know that cheerleading is life, you know that cheerleading is life… everyone should know that cheerleading is life.

Why is cheerleading life?

Cheerleading isn’t just a phase, you are picking up traits that you may not even realise that will help you throughout your life. Here are 6 life lessons you will learn from cheerleading:

1.     The Show Must Go On

Being a cheerleader, you know more than anyone that falling goes hand in hand with cheerleading. No one likes to make a mistake or fall during a competition or show but what do you do when it happens? You pick yourself back up, smile and continue with the routine as if nothing ever happened.

This mind-set will be transferred to your life outside of cheerleading. You will make mistakes throughout your life, we all do, but instead of brooding about those mistakes and giving up, you will pick yourself up, learn from those mistakes and try again.

2.     Team Work Makes the Dream Work

If there is one thing that is constant in working and family life, it is teamwork. Cheerleading wouldn’t even exist without teamwork; how would the flyers fly? How would you create a pyramid if everyone was doing their own thing?

As a cheerleader, you will build teamwork skills that will keep on helping you throughout your entire life.

3.     Putting Your Trust in People

No one knows more about having to trust people than flyers in a cheerleading squad do. When you’re getting flung so high up in the air, knowing that you must rely on your teammates to catch you, you have to have huge trust in them. On the other hand, if you’re a base then you know what it takes to earn the flyers trust and keep it. And no matter what you’re position in the squad, you all have to put your trust in the coach. And these people that you’ve put your trust in will become life long friends.

Building trust is a huge part of cheerleading, but it is also a huge part of life.

4.     Push Through the Pain

Cheerleading is team sport and because of this you don’t want to let your team down so you will push through that pain barrier to help your team win the competition. In life, there will be plenty of moments that will challenge you and make you want to ‘sit out’ and whereas many people might, you will keep pushing through.

5.     Achieving Your Goals

All cheerleaders know what it takes to win a competition and will try and try again until that trophy is in their hands. The same self-drive is transferred to life outside of cheerleading. Nothing will stop you from getting that dream job or getting into your first-choice university.

6.     Master of Time Management

It can be hard to fit in all that cheerleading practice, maths homework, house chores and having a social life too. However, you manage to do it all, why? Because you have mastered the art of time management and organisation. These are key skills that future employers are looking for, are essential for family life and allow you to make time for the things you enjoy.


Cheerleading isn’t just a phase of your life, it is something that will carry with you long after you retire from cheerleading. The lessons you learn during cheerleading are lessons that will carry with you throughout your life.

What life lessons have you picked up from cheerleading? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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